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    The Crier Archives   2000-2023 Hear ye Hear ye! The Crier is always looking for things to shout about! Feel free to submit your Thoughts, Poems, Requests or anything you like to  the Cookham 31 MARCH  2024 -  COOKHAM BRIDGE CLOSED AGAIN 1 April The bridge is now open again.  26 MARCH  2024 -  SUMMER EXHIBITION AT THE STANLEY SPENCER GALLERY It is time for the Stanley Spencer Gallery Summer Exhibition, so volunteers are busy hanging the new paintings ready for the opening day on Thursday. As well as Spencer’s paintings the  exhibition will explore Spencer’s brother, Gilbert Spencer’s identity, as an artist, with loans from private collections and Tate. Comparative works by Stanley will also feature in the exhibition, which demonstrate the brothers’ unified vision, and also their rivalry. Stanley considered Gilbert the more accomplished landscape artist, which may explain his reticence to engage with that practice later in life. The two brothers also fought for the affections of the